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PSA: Do Not Use Services That Hate The Internet. As you look around for a new social media platform, I implore you, only use one that is a part of the World Wide Web. tl;dr avoid Hive and Post. If posts in a social media app do not have URLs that can...

Redox OS has received another large anonymous donation of about 80,000 USD. This donation did not come through Tornado Cash and therefore no sanctions apply, and it can be immediately used.

TheoretiCS, a new diamond-open-access journal in all areas of theoretical computer science:

It is being run as an overlay of arXiv, through the Episciences platform for such overlays, with Javier Esparza and Uri Zwick as editors-in-chief and a large and distinguished editorial board.

Today I'll show this slide in my curl presentation. "What's maintaining", trying to highlight that writing code is just a tiny part of keeping an old project afloat...

The Journal of Open Source Software is a developer friendly, diamond/platinum open access journal for research software packages.

Committed to publishing quality research software with zero article processing charges or subscription fees.

Nice, changed their favicon to everyone's favorite browser.

Tailscale has recently been notified of security vulnerabilities in the Tailscale Windows client which allow a malicious website visited by a device running Tailscale to change the Tailscale daemon configuration and access information in the Tailscale local and peer APIs.

To patch these vulnerabilities, upgrade Tailscale on your Windows machines to Tailscale v1.32.3 or later, or v1.33.257 or later (unstable).

If Twitter feels like the last week of school, Mastodon feels like the first week: finding your friends, which classes you are in together, where is your locker...

Hey folks, today I made my first ever fediverse bot.

If you follow @bot-cccccc and post a Yubico OTP (like `ccccccldvkntcrkftbdkdjdeddnntvubknvbkhtujkin`), the OTP code will automatically be invalidated (for your safety, you wouldn't want to post your OTP code online obv).

I've been meaning to do this on twitter for a while but having to make an account and register for dev program felt too annoying.

Feels great to be able to realize it on fedi!

Reminder: If you're on the official #mastodonapp, don't use that. It's unintuitive and missing the local and federated timelines.

All platforms: browser
Android: #tusky
iOS: #metatext

There are others you can try, too.

Someone asked us earlier today how many of our Mastodon followers were established users vs newcomers. We weren't sure so...

Let's do a wildly unscientific survey!


7,247,931 accounts
+3,280 in the last hour
+99,615 in the last day
+588,795 in the last week

One of the most interesting things about darklang is #deployless - how we allow #code to be instantly deployed to #production. This is discussed in depth in "How Darklang deploys in 50ms" -

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The general philosophy of darklang is removing accidental complexity from building backends by integrating the darklang #ProgrammingLanguage with the #infrastructure and #editor.

There's a lot more about this in our initial blog post: "What is Dark" (

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